• Quick Quiz: Who’s the best female voice talent in America?
    a. Randy Thomas
    b. Lisa Manning
    c. Naylene Frunk
    d. Heather Walters
    (the answer is “c”)

         Dave Drui
         Program Director
         Seattle, WA

  • “Holy crap, you have a beautiful voice!”

         Dave Hoffman
         Audio Architects

  • Thank you again for the great job you did for us with the Cultivating Health® Relaxation for Living and Sleeping Well CD. Again, Lynn and I enjoyed working with you and will keep you in mind for any future projects we may have.

         Erin Bruzda
         Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region

  • You sound great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really enjoy the read a lot!

         Stu Setch
         Audiology Productions
         Vernon, BC

  • I give you the stuff that I couldn’t count on anyone else doing. They’re announcers, you’re an actress. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and you just have a knack for bringing out the best in me. thank you thank you thank you thank you!

         Jeff Davis
         Creative Services Director
         104.1 THE FISH - 93.9 KPDQ
         Clackamas, OR

  • You are a fabulously talented woman and every piece of production you touch turns to gold! We are SO lucky to have you Naylene! I brag about you all the time!

         Jeanne Winter
         General Sales Manager
         KPAM 860 News Talk Radio/Sunny 1550 KKAD
         Clackamas, OR

  • I've been lucky enough to work with Naylene on some wonderfully challenging jobs over the last 7+ years and have never, not once, been disappointed by the product produced. You will love what you find and go back for more. Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

         Greg Burnett
         Burnett Media Group
         Portland, OR

  • Naylene has been nothing short of excellent! Always making sure I get the best possible product and always on time. She keeps her word and has done countless voice overs for me. It is a high pleasure working with her and where her voice is heard people always ask me who it is.

         Kyle Springer
         Support Nerds
         Bowling Green, KY

  • If you are looking for creativity and a great female voice, I think Naylene has it.

         Janet Bain
         Sales Associate
         Portland, OR

  • I know people like you who've gone to Dan O'Day's seminars "get it" and understand that a commercial voiceover isn't just reading a script with a nice voice.

         Scott McKelvey

  • Thank you for producing a great ad for United Health Services Credit Union. The ad sounds terrific. They were very excited. You do a great job.

         Brad Krueger
         Hilda Media & Marketing
         Spokane, WA

  • Send along our thanks and appreciation to Naylene. We like her work, hope to meet her one day.

         Kelly’s Home Center
         Salem, OR

  • This came out so great. Thanks so much for your help...really, it was perfect.

         Darren LeBlanc
         Anthem of Hope
         Spokane, WA

  • I have put your name in our "A" list for voice over talent.

         Paulus Herry Arianto

  • Thanks for saving the day!

         Michael Hamilton
         Hamilton Saunderson
         Seattle, WA

  • Nicely done, as always. Thanks Naylene. You’re the best!

         Ross Stevens
         Stevens McKissick
         Portland, OR

  • They (Watkin Motors) have heard 4 males, and now 1 female. And the GM just told me he doesn’t need to hear anymore! You’re a hit!!! They love you (as I thought they would) and definitely want you to be their female voice!

         Stu Setch
         Audiology Productions
         Vernon, BC

  • I wanted to thank you for the Happy Day vo. It ran 21x over three days on the Fish and the school picked up two new students-- they didn't have any new enrollees for fall prior to that, so it tells me we nailed it. Yeah us!

         Monica Cory
         Cory Company
         Portland, OR

  • We heard your voice-work in Jim's edit room today, and we are recommending that we use you to our client.

         Julie Lee & Laura Chester
         Chester Lee Marketing, LLC
         Portland, OR